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Green Blanket Studios

Piano Lessons


What we do:

At Green Blanket, we specialize in beginner piano. Our approach is casual and fun. Our goal is to create budding musicians who are profiecient on piano and able to slide into any modern piano playing gigs. From church pianist to garage rock band keyboardist to classical recitals, we have you covered.

No experience needed.

Just sign up and have some piano fun with us.


We offer a semester based tuition that includes all books and resources to help families fit music into their monthly budget. Semesters follow Scott County schools academic calendar and run from mid August-Mid December for Fall Semester.  Then Early January through late May for Spring semester. 

Rates vary per semester and are all inclusive.

On average tuition is $450-$495 per student a semester or paid monthly at  $90-$100 a month per student. 


More about lessons:

We offer once a week 30 minute private lessons for students ages 7 and up. Lessons are currently taught in our home studio in Georgetown, KY. Students must be able to read and have attention for 30 minutes of one on one instruction.  We require families to have a  well-maintained tuned acoustic piano or fully 88 keyed electronic keyboard that is fully weighted with a bench, music stand or pedal. If you need help finding a suitable instrument, please reach out.  We have help with where to find something affordable. 

If you have any further questions, please contact us! We are happy to help get new students plugged into the arts

Our Teacher:

Dacian Keaton

Dacian has played piano for almost 40 years.  Starting with professional lessons at a young age, she was classically  trained for 10 years by a local teacher in her home town. She was a church pianist for several years playing on the praise team.  Her favorite things to play are hymns and Christmas carols. Although, she still has serval classical pieces she enjoys playing.  Her favorite thing about teaching is helping beginners learn to love piano and gain the confidence they need to play what they want.

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