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The Keatons


Why Green Blanket?

     The story behind Green Blanket goes way back a couple decades to when we were first married.  We lived in a tiny apartment and were too broke to afford date nights out.  We would warm up a $1 frozen pizza and sit on our dilapidated hand me down couch watching movies we had rented from Blockbuster. The "green blanket" sat on the back of the couch and Dacian would always ask, "Honey, can you hand me that green blanket?"

To which Duane would say, "What green blanket?" while looking right at it.

     Just like the black & white/blue & gold dress, we have never been able to agree on what color it is.  Duane says it is brown while Dacian says it is green. Our kids are also divided on whether it is green or brown. It has become a running joke/argument in our family.  Is it green?  Is it brown?  We ask company when they come over and it's about half and half.

When we sat down to brainstorms names for our family-owned business we wanted something that really captured something meaningful to our family. 

This blanket has been with us through 20 years of marriage, 2 children, losing 3 parents, a 2 year journey with laryngeal cancer, through 3 homes and 3 cities.  It's still folded nicely on our blanket ladder in the living room.

      Though we've come a long way since the days of a Blockbuster rental and $1 frozen pizza, that blanket stays with us. A reminder of where we have come and now an exciting piece of where we are going. After almost 20 years of teaching, Duane has retired from education to be an artist.  After teaching visual arts and video production to others, he can now share his personal talents with others.

     Thank you for stopping by and checking us out.  We truly appreciate your time and your interest in our family owned business. Our biggest mission in life is to love Jesus. Our biggest honor is to host His presence. Our biggest blessing is to serve others with our talents.  

                                                                               - Duane & Dacian Keaton

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